Adult martial arts classes in Greenville, SC

Our adult martial arts classes are designed to improve flexibility, balance, endurance and strength while teaching self-defense techniques.

The benefits of martial arts classes at Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do include:

"I have noticed a big lift in my own personal spirit at home and at work. Little things that used to bug me don't seem to bother me as much anymore. On top of that, I am slowly gaining my own self-confidence again, and it's a great feeling."
- Nina Helmer

Most of our adults join with no experience. Our instructors welcome any questions you might have and will take the time to teach you step-by-step, with patience and enthusiasm.

Getting started is easy at Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do

Master Kim's is recognized as one of the best martial arts organizations in the Greenville, SC region, both for the quality of our teaching and for our clean and safe facilities.

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